The Journey To Be A Warrior

About: After Or’s injury, his memories of time spent as a soldier became his inspiration for his art. The rigorous training and camaraderie between the soldiers left a deep impact on him. “The Journey to be a Warrior” depicts IDF warriors in training and the bond formed between the soldiers. This bond and friendship, is not one that is easily broken.  In the distant view, you can see a depiction of Jerusalem.

Material used: Gouache & water colors

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My Mother

About: “My Mother” is based on a picture taken of Ran’s mother during his recovery at the hospital. After Ran landed in the hospital due to a piece of shrapnel in his brain which caused severe internal bleeding, his mother stood by his side through it all. His mother rallied for him and fought for him to make a full recovery. After he was released, Ran found respite and relief through his art therapy. He used the care and inspiration he felt from his loved ones during his journey to create this piece of art.

Dimensions: 27×39 inches Material used: Acrylic Paint

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From Darkness to Light

About: Coming out of Gaza after a long treacherous mission, the soldiers would turn to the view of the sunset to gain strength and hope.  This hope would give them the rejuvenation to continue their service. In the picture, the soldier is standing by a tree. The tree is the flag of David’s unit – Golani. David wanted to create a piece of art that represented the most important part of his service. From Darkness to Light is his vision coming to life.
Material used: Acrylic Paint
Size: 14×17.5 inc

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Cherry Blossom

About: “Cherry Blossom” represents the beauty of life, while reminding us how short and fragile our lives are. Similar to the blooming time of the flower itself, it teaches us to enjoy the beauty in the little things and short moments in life, to always live life to its fullest. I was named after the cherry blossom, and the special meaning of the flower. After my injury, the meaning of my name resonates much deeper and is a sign to remind me of the all of the gifts I still I have in my life. During my rehabilitation, I made sure to adopt this mantra. Through the difficult stages and learning to appreciate the small victories I made on my way to recovery.

Dimensions: 14×17.5 inches Material Used: Acrylic Paint

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