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Our lectures and events in New York City provide unique insight into the rich and complicated history, politics and culture of Israel, presented by leading academics, diplomats and scientists, the Israel Educational Project for a deeper understanding of our Holy Land.

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The Belev Echad Israel Educational Project offers the Upper East Side Jewish community the opportunity to learn about Israel with the goal of connecting with our homeland in a deep and meaningful way. A curated selection of academics, diplomats and scientists give in-depth and up-close accounts at Israel’s dynamic history, culture and politics.

Additionally, the community is invited and encouraged to join our NYC our and other IDF programming for a chance to meet our courageous soldiers and learn from their experiences.

Upcoming Events

May 19, 2017

A Shabbat of Thanks

Park East Synagogue | 163 East 67th Street | New York, NY 10065 | 6:30PM
Belev Echad Invites You to Our Annual Friday Night Gala Dinner Belev Echad is proud to be...
April 22, 2017

Belev Echad Reunion

La-Belle | HaUman St. 9 | Jerusalem, Israel | 9:00PM
Join Belev Echad for the Annual Belev Echad  Reunion in Israel   Cost: $100   Join the  Belev Echad alumni...

“Israel’s citizen army, the brave soldiers of the IDF, our young boys and girls, they upheld the highest moral values of any army in the world. Israel’s soldiers deserve admiration from decent people everywhere.”

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel

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