The Journey To Be A Warrior

The Journey To Be A Warrior $1,000

Name of Art: The Journey To Be A Warrior
About:¬†After Or’s injury, his memories of time spent as a soldier became his inspiration for his art. The rigorous training and camaraderie between the soldiers left a deep impact on him. “The Journey to be a Warrior” depicts IDF warriors in training and the bond formed between the soldiers. This bond and friendship, is not one that is easily broken.¬† In the distant view, you can see a depiction of Jerusalem.
Material used: Acrylic


Artist Name: Or Porat
Age: 26 years old
Unit: Staff Sergeant , Duvdevan
Date of Injury: 2016
Or’s Story: During a covert mission, a terrorist threw a bomb at Or. He sustained an injury in his legs and struggles to walk till this day.

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