Cherry Blossom

Price: $1000

Name of Art: Cherry Blossom
About: “Cherry Blossom” represents the beauty of life, while reminding us how short and fragile our lives are. Similar to the blooming time of the flower itself, it teaches us to enjoy the beauty in the little things and short moments in life, to always live life to its fullest. I was named after the cherry blossom, to represent the special meaning of the flower. After my injury, the meaning of my name resonates much deeper and is a sign to remind me of the all of the gifts I still I have in my life. During my rehabilitation,I made sure to adopt this mantra. Through the difficult stages and learning to appreciate the small victories I made on my way to recovery.
Dimensions: 14×17.5 inches
Material Used: Acrylic Paint

Artist Name: Aviv Bar
Age: 21 Years Old
Unit: Lieutenant, Border Patrol
Date of Injury: 2016
Story: Aviv was on patrol near Armon Hanatziv when a terrorist drove a truck into her and her fellow soldiers, killing four people. Aviv still needs to undergo two surgeries.

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