Damascus Gate – Jerusalem

Price: $1000

Name of Art: Damascus Gate – Jerusalem
About: “Damascus Gate – Jerusalem” is based on a picture which was was taken on Jerusalem Day – at the Damascus Gate in the Old City. The Damascus Gate is the source of great conflict and many terrorist attacks in Israel. Naor was personally wounded in a stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate during a terror attack where two Border Police were murdered. In this painting, you can see the Israeli flag and the Jews passing through the gate on Jerusalem Day. This is a sign of the Jews’ victory that the Old City is in our hands. It  shows that no attack will stop the Jewish People entering our important and holy place – the Old City and the Har Habayit.

Artist Name: Naor Ezra
Age: 27 Years old
Unit: Commander, Border Patrol
Date of Injury: 2016
Story: Naor served as a platoon commander in the Old City of Jerusalem. While on duty at the Damascus gate, a terrorist surprised his group and began stabbing one of the soldiers under his command. During the ensuing struggle, the terrorist managed to stab Naor’s hand, tearing apart his nerves. Thankfully, Naor was able to neutralize the terrorist. Naor has undergone surgery and rehabilitation to gain back usage of his hand.

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