From Darkness to Light

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Name of Art: From Darkness to Light
About: Coming out of Gaza after a long treacherous mission, the soldiers would turn to the view of the sunset to gain strength and hope.  This hope would give them the rejuvenation to continue their service. In the picture, the soldier is standing by a tree. The tree is the flag of David’s unit – Golani. David wanted to create a piece of art that represented the most important part of his service. From Darkness to Light is his vision coming to life.
Material used: Acrylic Paint
Size: 14×17.5 inc


Artist Name: David Ben Simon
Unit: Staff Sergeant , Golani
David’s Story: I served in Battalion 12 of the Golani Brigade. I was very proud that my turn had come to defend the country! During Operation Protective Edge, we were in the Sajaiya neighborhood of Gaza City. There were over 60 explosions in the area and I was hit in my head and leg by anti-tank missiles resulting in life-changing injuries. 

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