Mishkenot Sheananim

Price: $1000

Name of Art: Mishkenot Sheananim
About: I’ve been in the Belev Echad art project for over a year now, and this is my third painting. I decided to paint mishkanot-shaananim, one of Jerusalem’s oldest and prettiest neighborhood.  I think Jerusalem has a very special charm and beauty to it, and I try to make new and better memories there in order to make sure  that what happened to me doesn’t ruin my love for the city.  I started painting this after a visit to this neighborhood and the old city last fall.
Dimensions: 45X35 cm Materials: Acrylic Paint
Artist Name: Aviv Bar
Age: 21 Years Old
Unit: Lieutenant, Border Patrol
Date of Injury: 2016
Story: Aviv was on patrol near Armon Hanatziv when a terrorist drove a truck into her and her fellow soldiers, killing four people. Aviv still needs to undergo two surgeries.
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