The Desert Hills

Price: $1000

Name of Art: The Desert Hills

About: After Eran’s injury, he was looking for a quiet place where he could clear his head and settle the thoughts following the injury. The desert landscape was familiar to Eran from his military service and the silence and charm of the desert gave Eran inspiration for painting. The stream of water in the painting describes the life that continues to flow like a river and even if the road is bumpy, life will continue like the flow in the stream.

Dimensions: 46×55 cm Materials: Acrylic

Artist Name: Eran Klir
Age: 26 years old
Unit: Chief Sergeant, Schaldag
Eran’s Story: Eran served as a combat soldier for 4 years. While training to jump from a helicopter via rope, the rope snapped while he was 22 feet from the ground. He hit his hand, back & neck. He was hospitalized for three days and had an operation on his hand. Eran is still in the rehabilitation process and is waiting for another surgery.

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