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Belev Echad provides necessary and valuable support to veterans living in New York City and Israel. Our programs offer employment, financial and medical assistance, social and educational events, or simply a warm meal and a kind word.

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Belev Echad is committed to building a community of kindness around veterans of the IDF and their families living in New York City and in Israel. The goal of our programs is to alleviate the extraordinary physical and emotional toll of military service through educational, social, financial and cultural support.

Our programs ensure our troops are cared for well after their tours of duty end.

New York City

IDF veterans are warmly welcomed to the Upper East Side, greeted with the friendship, support and resources they need to start their new lives in our community.

  • Social

    Ongoing social events, parties and Shabbat and Holiday services offers new community members the opportunity to connect with their neighbors and forge lifelong friendships.

  • Career

    Partnering with the Chabad Israel Center allows us to utilize a vast network of business connections to match employers with our IDF veterans, in support of their financial independence and success.

  • Housing

    Whether they are looking for an apartment, roommate, or just a temporary place to stay, Belev Echad is proud to assist veterans of the IDF make a home in our neighborhood.

  • Support

    Our commitment to IDF veterans doesn't start or stop with our programs. It is our goal to support these courageous men and women in every way possible, which sometimes is just a hug and a listening ear.


Belev Echad is committed to the welfare and support of IDF veterans living in the Holy Land, ensuring that these young men and women grown to be happy and successful adults.

  • Medical

    Beled Echad ushers wounded warriors towards healing through financial support that covers what insurance does not, including world-class prosthesis, experimental treatments and innovative therapies.

  • Scholarship Fund

    Belev Echad believes that by investing in the education of veterans, we are investing directly in the future leaders of the Holy Land. We are proud to support veterans seeking an education, through scholarships and financing living expenses, laptops and textbooks.

  • Terror Victim Support

    In the summer of 2014, in the midst Operation Protective Edge, we extended our programming to support victims of terror and families living under constant threat of attack. Support includes care packages, therapy and emergency financial and medical assistance.

“We are so privileged to be in one room with heroism, with courage. We remember that we are all here because of them and their colleagues, generations of Israeli veterans and soldiers that keep us and our traditions alive. They do it for the sake of 4,000 years of Jewish life, not just in the past, but for the next 4,000 years.”

Danny Ayalon

israeli ambassador to the u.s.

speaking at a Belev Echad Event

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