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The brave men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces carry the sacred duty of protecting the Jewish homeland. Belev Echad was founded with the mission of repaying the enormous debt of gratitude we owe the brave warriors, through support and a whole lot of love.

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EST. 2009

Tour of Happiness

— NYC —

Belev Echad’s flagship program brings wounded IDF veterans to New York City for a ten day tour to enjoy the camaraderie of those with similar experiences, and receive thanks and support from the New York Jewish community. more »

To know is to Grow

— education —

Our lectures and events in New York City provide unique insight into the rich and complicated history, politics and culture of Israel, presented by leading academics, diplomats and scientists, the Israel Educational Project for a deeper understanding of our Holy Land. more »

To Honor and Inspire

community of kindness

— support —

Belev Echad provides necessary and valuable support to veterans living in New York City and Israel. Our programs offer employment, financial and medical assistance, social and educational events, or simply a warm meal and a kind word. more »

Our Mission

Since the founding of the State of Israel, hundreds of thousands of young Jewish men and women have risked their lives and limbs to protect the Jewish people and ensure the security of our homeland.


Founded in New York City in 2009, Belev Echad established a global initiative to honor these brave warriors and their families, residing both in Israel and the United States, through a system of love, support and education. Through programs for wounded warriors, career counseling, scholarship funds and social and educational events, we make a small, but meaningful, contribution towards repaying them for their service.

“The toughest part was not the injury, the pain, the surgeries, or the months of rehabilitation. It was becoming myself again. To becoming the Shimon that I was before. This trip is a part of bringing me closer to being myself again.”

Shimon A.

Belev Echad Alumni, 2013 trip


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