The Mission:

Honoring the Wounded
Men and Women
of the IDF

Belev Echad is a global movement dedicated to ensuring the wounded men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces receive the support they need to live productive and well-adjusted lives. With programs that include legal and medical advocacy, educational scholarships, social and recreational events, mentorships and career placement, we empower each soldier to thrive.

of the Month

Name: Doron Akiva
Age: 24
Rank: Sergeant, Rimon Unit

We’ve all been through things that most people don’t experience in their lifetimes. We lost our best friends, lost limbs, and came close to losing our own lives. When we came to New York, the center of the world, we felt something different. We felt, that from here, we can start our lives again.

- Ron, Belev Echad Alumni

Our Mission

Since the founding of the State of Israel, hundreds of thousands of young Jewish men and women have been responsible for ensuring the security of the Jewish people and homeland. Risking life and limb, many of the brave warriors of the IDF have sustained lasting physical and emotional wounds that inhibit their journeys back to civilian life.

Belev Echad is an international initiative dedicated to easing this transition through a system of support that empowers each veteran to live a life without limits. We adopt each wounded veteran and assume the roles of mentor, advocate and friend, guiding them through critical medical, education, professional decisions and celebrating life’s milestones big and small.

Who We Are

EST. 2009

Tour of Happiness

— NYC —

Belev Echad’s flagship program brings wounded IDF veterans to New York City for a ten day tour to enjoy the camaraderie of those with similar experiences, and receive thanks and support from the New York Jewish community. more »

community of kindness

— services —

Belev Echad provides necessary and valuable support to wounded veterans of the IDF. Our programs offer employment, financial and medical assistance, social and educational events, or simply a warm meal and a kind word. more »

Who We Are

— meet the team —

What started off as a local initiative of the New York Jewish community has now become a global movement, dedicated to helping wounded veterans of the IDF reintegrate into civilian life with the love and support they need to thrive. Through interactive programs, career counsel... more »

Art of Healing

— purchase —

Many times, long after the physical recovery is complete, the wounds to a person’s spirit are still raw and aching. We know how important it is to heal both the body and psyche. Therefore, Belev Echad brings our soldiers to a studio every week to experience the healing powers ... more »

“The toughest part was not the injury, the pain, the surgeries, or the months of rehabilitation. It was becoming myself again, becoming the Shimon that I was before. Belev Echad was an essential part of bringing me closer to being myself again.”


Wounded IDF Soldier, 2013 trip alumnus