Our Mission

Restoring the Lives of the Wounded Men and Women of the IDF

Belev Echad is an international non-profit dedicated to restoring wounded Israel Defense Force soldiers back to life through physical, medical, legal, emotional, and financial support.

We provide them with life-saving treatment to help them restore their mental and physical health with intention and purpose, resources that are not easily accessible. These brave heroes fought for Israel, and they deserve the best from us.

Our extensive therapies and programs help the soldiers recover and transition back into a meaningful life without limits. We support them and their families every step of the way through what can be a challenging journey, ensuring they are never alone and constantly supported.

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Thousands of
hearts beating
as one. Belev

Belev Echad is a global movement dedicated to ensuring the wounded men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces receive the support they need to live productive and well-adjusted lives after their injuries. Through programs which include legal and medical advocacy, educational scholarships, social and recreational events, mentors and career placement, we empower each soldier to thrive.

"Beyond my physical injury, my mental injury is no less severe. Suddenly from being a fit young person who can do everything you feel dependent and alone."
Belev Echad Soldier

“In March of 2017, my unit went to capture a terrorist. On the way out, a cement block was thrown at my head. I blacked out and only realized that my neck was crushed when I arrived at the hospital. I joined the Flagship Tour and experienced things like never before. Belev Echad found a lawyer to aid me in receiving the best benefits after being injured in the army. Thank you Belev Echad for helping achieve what I did not think was possible.”