Our Mission

Restoring the Lives of the Wounded Men and Women of the IDF

Belev Echad is an international nonprofit dedicated to restoring wounded IDF soldiers back to life through physical, medical, legal, emotional, and financial support.

Since Hamas’ brutal attack on October 7, the already pressing demand for our services has increased drastically. Soldiers are getting injured every day, and we believe it’s our duty to be there for them like they are there for us, protecting us and our holy land. We provide critical treatments to help them restore their mental and physical health with intention and purpose, resources that are not easily accessible. 

Our extensive therapies and programs help the soldiers recover and transition back into a meaningful life without limits. We support them and their families every step of the way through what can be a challenging journey, ensuring they are never alone.

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Thousands of
hearts beating
as one. Belev

At the onset of Israel’s war with Hamas, Belev Echad’s mission transformed overnight. Since our organization’s founding in 2010, Israel had never entered a full-scale war. This was the first time the entire country mobilized to defeat a vicious enemy.

Thanks to generous supporters, we were able to rise to the occasion. We transformed from an organization supporting wounded soldiers to an organization that saves their lives.

More than 3187 soldiers have been injured since October 7, and that number continues to grow each day, but we are determined to reach each and every one of them. These brave heroes fought for Israel, and they deserve the best from us. 

“Right now, Israel finds itself in a period marked by national and local uncertainty. It brings immense strength to know that there are organizations like Belev Echad, with one heart, ready to offer support and aid throughout the rehabilitation and beyond. Belev Echad’s presence assures us that there's someone to lean on, someone to assist in any matter I may require. I am reassured that I am not navigating this journey alone.”
Yarden Hamo, Soldier in the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion, stationed at the Gaza border alongside the Armored Battalion on October 7.