we stand beside our soldiers

Standing behind
our soldiers

Belev Echad is an international initiative dedicated to easing this transition through a system of support that empowers each veteran to live a life without limits. We adopt each wounded veteran and assume the roles of mentor, advocate and friend, guiding them through critical medical, educational and professional decisions and celebrating life’s milestones big and small.

In 2010, Rabbi Uriel & Shevy Vigler invited a group of wounded IDF veterans for a 10-day all-expense paid trip to New York City. “We felt the soldiers could boost morale and might appreciate recognition from their American Jewish friends.” Little did they expect the true impact the trip would have.

The Vigler’s heartfelt gesture of solidarity and support was the root of Belev Echad. Since then, the program has developed into a global organization that is dedicated to helping IDF veterans thrive. 

Caring and compassionate staff members are at the core of Belev Echad’s success Most of our staff members and volunteers are wounded soldiers themselves. They understand what the soldiers are going through and are able to empathize with their struggles. 

The connection and camaraderie between the staff and soldiers make a tremendous difference when dealing with the trauma associated with war. These heroes have seen the worst of humanity, and facing what has passed is essential to healing emotionally. 

The Belev Echad family provides a safe space where the soldiers, and their families, can let their guard down and don’t have to face the horrors they have witnessed alone.

“Belev Echad, is not just therapy; it’s also, and most importantly, the people. People that know exactly what he’s been through because they’ve been through the same thing. It makes him feel good. Yonatan was initially reluctant to leave the house for physical therapy but found a safe space in Belev Echad.”
Carmit Pinto, mother of Yonatan Pinto, a Belev Echad soldier

Founders and Directors

  • Rabbi Uriel Vigler
  • Mrs. Shevy Vigler

Board of Directors

  • Daniel S. Bernstein
  • Yossi Nasser
  • Yaara Bank-Plotkin
  • Philip Silverman
  • Shay Zach
  • Richard Miller
  • Martin Nussbaum
  • Eliana Tisch
  • Arielle Tradburks
    Arielle Tradburks

Los Angeles Task Force

  • Shahin Rad

Our Team

  • Ron Abdan
    Facility Manager
  • Doron Akiva
    Martial Arts Coordinator
  • Dorel Ben Haim
    Dorel Ben Haim
    Food Packaging
    Program Manager
  • Gil Benedek
    Campus Program Coordinator
  • Raz Budany
    Co-Director of Programs
  • Nitzan Gehasi
    Food Packaging
    Program Manager
  • Stav
    Stav Israel
    Hospital Visitation and
    In House Therapy
  • Netanel Mahuda
    Facility Manager
  • Yair Mashraki
    Facility Manager
  • David Axel Melzinski
    Media Coordinator
  • Shuri Moyal
    House Chef
  • Dana Ofir
    Therapy Coordinator
  • Ido Ozeri
    Facility Manager
  • Or Porat
    Soldier Coordinator
  • Gal Rosenberg
    Treatment Center Manager
  • Naom Saadi
    Food Packaging
    Program Manager
  • Bentzi Sasson
    Director of Delegation Operations
  • Ariel
    Ariel Schilp
  • Sharon & Miki Shtrachman
    Co-Director of Programs
  • Lior Tzidkiyahu
    Facility Manager
  • Adir
    Adir Zecharia
    Fitness Coordinator
  • Lexie Tuchman
    Chief Development Officer
Who We Are

“A person that is deprived of a limb or a
faculty this itself indicates that G-d has given
him special powers to overcome the limitations
this entails, and to surpass the achievements
of ordinary people. You are not ‘disabled’ or
‘handicapped,’ but special and unique, as you
possess potentials that the rest of us do not.”

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

“I can hardly describe the experience I had the first time we stepped into the Belev Echad house. It felt like a homecoming, as if Yarden had finally found his way home. Instantly, a bond was forged—a remarkable connection and understanding blossomed between him, the staff, and the other soldiers present. It was a connection that felt like they had known each other for a lifetime. Here were people who comprehended his pain, who understood my anguish. People propelled by an unwavering spirit of generosity and boundless love, directed wholly toward serving and supporting others.”

Aviva Hamo, mother of Belev Echad wounded soldier, Yarden Hamo