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Day Three: Go Pro Cameras!

Posted on Tuesday, 5/5/2015
Breakfast in Soho—another delicious start to another exciting day in NYC! Our host was thrilled to have us, and she filled us in on all the ins and outs of the neighborhoods downtown.


After breakfast, we headed out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We enjoyed the hot sunshine and the cooler breeze fanning us as we rode the ferry. Closing our eyes, we could only imagine how the immigrants had felt when they finally arrived at Ellis Island. The soldiers were able to relate closely to the Statue of Liberty and its meaning. For millions of immigrants seeking a better future, that first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, and then Ellis Island, represented hope and relief. Israel, too, is home to many immigrants seeking the security of the Jewish Homeland.


From there we went to the Top of the Rock observation deck where we enjoyed incredible views of the Manhattan skyline.


At the end of the day every single soldiers received a gift of a go pro camera. The soldiers were so excited to receive this gift from our community and deeply appreciate it!


We ended the evening at an apartment overlooking Central Park where we had dinner with friends. One of the soldiers, Dvir, shared his story. During the recent 2014 summer war, Dvir’s friends were killed in an attack, and he was injured trying to fight off the Hamas terrorists.


Our host expressed his deep appreciation to the soldiers for their courage and bravery in protecting Am Yisrael. Thank you!