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Day One: Welcome to New York!

Posted on Sunday, 5/3/2015
Our Belev Echad guests arrived at JFK this evening, where they were welcomed warmly by members of the Chabad Israel Center community. They were greeted with smiles, hugs and infinite gratitude.


Once everyone had their luggage, we drove to a private home on the Upper East Side for a welcome barbecue. Thank you to Adam and Lauren Kolker who hosted the event, where our community had a chance to meet and get to know the soldiers. Adam spoke about how much we value the IDF, thanking the soldiers for all they do on our behalf, including fighting the very recent war over the past summer.


One of the soldiers, Ohad, was severely injured during the recent war and cannot speak. Nevertheless, he was able to convey, with his eyes, his appreciation to the hosts for opening up their home, and to the community for their support.


At the barbecue, we celebrated the birthday of one of the guests. Happy birthday, Roey! The excitement of celebrating in New York definitely set the mood for the rest of the trip.