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Wishing Sherri all the blessing in the world!

Posted on Monday, 11/16/2015

Sherri Ben Aroya, is a Belev Echad alumni from 2012. We found out this week that she is expecting her first child! We’re wishing her all the blessing in the world!


Read her amazing story of perseverance and strength!


During Pesach; Seder night. Two hundred and fifty guests were gathered at the Park Hotel in Netanya to celebrate the Holiday, The clock read 7:15pm. A terrorist walked right into the middle of the room and immediately detonated the bomb he had strapped to his body.


Sherri was severely injured, and vowed to recover. Her first goal was to get rid the wheelchair. With lots of hard work she successfully accomplished that goal. Next were the crutches, and so on.


Her biggest remaining goal was have children and raise a family. In her words “This would be the ultimate revenge against the terrorists who tried to kill me, and almost succeeded.”