Live Updates: Operation Swords Of Iron

October 15 2023 2:32pm
Providing Hot meals on the front lines
October 15 2023 2:31pm
Emergency Crisis Staff Meeting

Earlier today our staff on the ground in Israel convened for a meeting to discuss our operations going forwards in these challenging times

October 12 2023 11:40am
Live update from our team on the ground
October 11 2023 2:17pm
We evacuated one of our wounded soldiers from her house in the South.

Today her home was hit by a rocket. We’re so thankful our soldier was saved and is recuperating in the Belev Echad house.

October 11 2023 10:33am
Live update from our team on the ground
October 11 2023 10:28am
We’re converting our house in Israel into a rehabilitation center for wounded soldiers.

Israel’s hospitals are maxed to capacity and they need all the help they can get. Our amazing team in Israel is working around the clock to make this happen.

October 10 2023 3:19pm
Inside the Belev Echad house in Israel today.

So much activity at the Belev Echad house today ensuring all the wounded soldiers and their families are cared for. Please donate generously to help us continue this essential work.

October 10 2023 12:00pm
Another day of visiting hospitals and helping the wounded

Our team is up and ready for another day of visiting hospitals and helping the wounded. During these dark days Belev Echad is and will do whatever we can to bring whatever is needed practically, including bringing light to the brave men and women protecting our land.

October 10 2023 9:59am
The Belev Echad family mourns the passing of team member Raz

Our hearts are aching with loss for our beloved Raz. Many of you just met her at the recent NESHEK challah event. She was an inspiration and source of strength to so many of the soldiers that visit the Belev Echad house. Raz was always smiling and positive despite all the hardships she had been through as a wounded combat soldier. She wanted to share her experiences to help others. Please do an extra good deed in memory of Raz Mizrahi.

In Loving memory of Raz bat Gal & Nirit

October 10 2023 9:42am
Our hearts are shattered
Raz Mizrahi of Blessed Memory

Our hearts are shattered. Our friend. Our Belev Echad soldier & Belev Echad Team member – May her memory be a Blessing. May those who knew her forever be touched by her.

October 9 2023 10:11pm
Stories on the ground:

One elite soldier was preparing for battle in the south when the unit received an urgent call to save a group of Golani soldiers who were surrounded and trapped by terrorists.

However, when they arrived, the terrorists ambushed them. The group hid in a shelter for hours as the bullets and machine gun fire rained around them. The soldier managed to get out alive, albeit with shrapnel wounds all over his body. Today was supposed to be his henna.

October 9 2023 5:37pm
On the ground — real life miracles.

One of the soldiers we visited in the hospital today, had a grenade thrown at her base while she was on lookout patrol.

She ran through a barrage of bullets to escape, hiding in a shelter under a pile of mattresses, for four hours

While running she received a bullet wound to her hand. We met her in the hospital where she was receiving treatment for this wound.

To her knowledge she is the only one from her unit who survived the attack. We are showering her with warmth, love and everything she needs.

October 9 2023 11:16am
Visiting wounded soldiers in Israel: “We came here to say thank you.”

Aside from delivering critical supplies and aiding our wounded soldiers, the Belev Echad team comes to offer emotional support. These soldiers have seen the horrors of war. Sometimes what they need more than anything is a soldier to cry and the knowledge that their service and sacrifice is truly appreciated by Jews the world over.

October 9 2023 11:09am
Update from Belev Echad team member visiting wounded soldiers in Israel.

Our team is on the ground doing everything possible for the wounded. If you’ve ever had a family member sick in the hospital you know how much help is needed. That’s what we’re doing for the wounded soldiers and their families in Israel. Home-cooked meals, a hand to hold, a minute of quiet, aid, supplies. Whatever it takes to keep our country together and protect our people.

October 9 2023 10:57am
Food packages being prepared for Israel’s wounded soldiers

Every bit counts in the war against terror. We are preparing packs of goodies to be delivered with love to the wounded soldiers who sacrificed for our country.

October 9 2023 10:46am
Visiting Wounded Soldiers

While visiting soldiers today we heard a story that was both heartbreaking and heroic:

S. a soldier was called to a kibbutz to rescue a family today. He and his commander had to walk over the dead bodies of Israeli police officers in order to reach the home.

As they neared the home, the commander was gunned down, and S. was shot in his leg. S. was left with a junior officer to finish the rescue. He bandaged his leg, entered the home, killed the terrorists, and saved the family.

S. is now a part of the Belev Echad family and we will help him every step of the way through his recovery.

October 9 2023 10:36am
Our team is working tirelessly to help every single soldier wounded in battle.

We need all hands on deck to get these heroes the help they need.

Please chip in as much as you can to help us save our soldiers