Planned Giving

Let your Legacy Transform soldiers’ lives.

When you give a planned gift to Belev Echad, you are supporting an organization that provides support for soldiers who have sacrificed so much for the safety and security of our Homeland. Planned giving will ensure that your heart will continue beating through our soldiers with one heart, Belev Echad.

Let your Legacy

Leaving a bequest to Belev Echad is a powerful tool to help the financial security of Belev Echad and its vital work with our wounded warriors.

• Designate a portion of your estate to Belev Echad
• Leave either a percentage or a specific amount to Belev Echad.
• A bequest does not cost you anything during your lifetime.
• After your passing, the trustee will transfer the money or real estate to Belev Echad.
• Bequests are revocable and can be changed or modified during your lifetime.
• Bequests can relieve the tax burden on your family.

Residuary Bequest – Belev Echad is given a percentage of the estate.

Outright Bequest – Belev Echad is given a specific dollar amount or a specific asset, such as securities or real estate.

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