Bar & Bat Mitzvah Projects


Mitzvah Projects

Mazel tov on your child becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah! A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a significant milestone in a young Jewish person’s life. As you prepare for your special day, you are likely planning a charitable mitzvah project as well. Belev Echad would be honored to be the charity you choose, and to have you join our mission to help wounded soldiers. We want to celebrate with you and help you to empower your child to make a diffrence in the lives of others by creating a unique project that will benefit them as well our soldiers. We know there’s a hero inside each and everyone of our children and we will show your family the many ways to make a difference in the community, and the world, and let your child’s inner hero shine while on this special journey to adulthood. We cannot wait to see what amazing things your child will accomplish!

"In April 2018, 7 of our alumni were gifted with beautiful Pesach presents. They were each able to hand pick a furry companion for life. A, chose this as her bat mitzvah project, and made
it happen! Thank you!”
Yotam, Wounded IDF Veteran