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Day Seven: I Will Serve My Country!

Posted on Saturday, 5/9/2015

Hundreds of congregants came to shul on Shabbat morning to pray with our guests. The soldiers were given aliyot to the Torah, and afterwards we all sang Am Yisrael Chai.


At the kiddush, Meir shared his story. He had been born without fingers on his right hand, and he spent much of his life fighting to be like everyone else. When it came time to be drafted into the IDF, he was refused. The IDF refused to allow him to become a soldier, but he persevered and ultimately managed to prove that he could fight just like anyone else. He was drafted into service and proved time and again that he could stand ground with everyone else. While fighting in the summer war, he was injured. What a hero!


After services the soldiers had the rest of the afternoon to themselves. The trip has been so action-packed, they relished the opportunity to relax and have some free time.


Afer Shabbat, Joe and Suzy Sokol treated our guests to a meal at the Prime Bentley, where everyone enjoyed delicious, sizzling steaks, straight off the grill. What a wonderful end to an uplifting Shabbat.