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Day Six: The Dreaded Knock

Posted on Saturday, 5/9/2015

Friday morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Tiberias restaurant, thanks to our host Yossi Nasser.


From there we headed to the incredible Manhattan Ice Bar at the Hilton hotel. Despite the warm weather outside, we bundled up in coats, hats, scarves and gloves as we entered the frozen wonderland. We had a few l’chaims and enjoyed the experience—there’s nothing like this in Israel!


In the afternoon, we spent a couple of hours in Central Park, tossing around a ball like real Manhattanites…


Shabbat dinner with the Chabad Israel center community was spectacular indeed! Four hundred people joined us, and we had to turn another two hundred away because we simply had no room. Everybody wanted to honor our heroic guests.


At the dinner, Shimon Ben-Ishay shared his story. He had been living his life, a normal life by any description, when he received the dreaded knock on his door late one night.


Two officers were standing there—every parent’s nightmare. The officers told him that his son had been severely injured, and in that single moment his life was turned upside down. The entire family needed to readjust and refocus. Their son, Ohad, was in a coma for two months and the doctors had no hope for his recovery.


Miraculously, he slowly began to recover. Today, he is in a wheelchair and he cannot speak, but G-d willing, with time he will fully recover.


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